Lawn irrigation is an essential condition for a vibrant and healthy landscape. Kleen Kut documents its various Long Island sprinkler and irrigation systems with Instagram pictures. Prospective clients get hard evidence of some of our lawn irrigation projects, and a peek into all the irrigation systems you can install.

Top lawn irrigation schemes

Drip irrigation

This system is popular because it has the least amount of mess during the process. It facilitates natural hydration of plants by directing the water to the exact spot of the plant, instead of the surrounding. The drip feeds into the roots and allows for maximum absorption for a better growth condition.

Drip irrigation in Long Island NY minimizes the growth of weeds because the areas between the plants are dry patches of soil. Ultimately, the method has better water usage efficiency.

We have a precise lawn sprinkler system installation procedure that will supply the right amount of water for each plant. This type of installation will not result in the physical trauma of the plant or buildup of minerals and debris.

Sprinkler irrigation

The irrigation system works oppositely in comparison to drip irrigation. It does not supply water at all times; instead, it has an overhead spread of water only when needed. The forceful downpour is convenient for an area that covers up to fifteen feet. Sprinkler irrigation is cost-effective and offers versatility for large open areas.

There are two types of Long Island lawn sprinklers:

  • Spray systems – This form uses a spray head at and extended pipes at the ground level. The spray heads have different functions and shapes to serve different purposes. Gardeners should have proper installation and maintenance to avoid overwatering the area.
  • Rotor system – These spray systems are available as impact or steam systems. These systems tend to lose a decent amount of water because the sprays have small water droplets covering a large geographical area.

Our sprinkler lawn irrigation service in Long Island has a reasonable and manageably upfront fee. We ensure the system has minimal susceptibility to wind, which causes scatters of the water spray.

Surface irrigation

Surface irrigation is the middle ground between the two irrigation systems mentioned above. It involves pouring water gently onto the ground and allowing it to follow a natural distribution pattern across the soil.

Surface irrigation is cheap and does not require specific technology to execute. We do not need to install your surface irrigation system because it could work with the most straightforward techniques. 

An unmonitored lawn irrigation service in Long Island will have disturbances and unexpected changes that disrupt the effectiveness of the flow. Our irrigation knowledge may, however, help in optimizing the water’s flow and controlling the specified amount of water needed. More importantly, we will help you water zones that cannot benefit from other irrigation systems.

Contact us so we can evaluate the capacity of the system, soil type, landscaping setup, and water supply. Lastly, we will help you choose a system that fits your budgetary needs without compromising the best of Long Island NY.