Having a lush and appealing landscape has numerous aesthetics and functional benefits. However, it does not happen by chance. If there’s a particular law or landscape you greatly admire, you should know that a lot of work was put into its design and maintenance.

Our sprinkler company in Suffolk County specializes in providing lawn irrigation and maintenance solutions for private and public properties. We have experienced technicians that can handle your lawn maintenance needs, including irrigation system installation, sprinkler system winterization, sprinkler blow out, backflow testing, and just about everything else.

What brand of sprinkler equipment does your company install?

Our company boasts several years of Suffolk County sprinkler lawn sprinkler installation and maintenance experience. Over the years, we have worked with or on numerous brands, and we guarantee that quite a bit of them are reliable. However, Hunter Irritrol and Rainbird products are our brands of choice. If your project doesn’t have a brand specification, we suggest that you go for any of these brands because they have unique benefits for varying design applications.

Do you install drip irrigation systems?

Drip irrigation systems are more efficient than general sprinkler systems because the water goes directly to plants’ root. Our irrigation system installation services extend to drip installation systems, and we can help you do the work on your garden. However, we must advise that these systems are not suitable for all lawns. Drip irrigation is generally considered better for planting beds and not topical watering. If your plants will be better served by surface watering, you may have to reconsider installing drip irrigation systems.

How long does it take your company to install sprinkler systems?

The installation time for sprinkler systems typically depends on the size of your landscape. An average lawn will typically take about a full day of work if the site and weather conditions permit. We may not be able to give an accurate estimate of the installation time until we visit your lawn.

Do you work on commercial and public properties?

Yes. Our lawn installation and maintenance services are not limited to residential properties. Over the years, we have worked on all sorts of properties, from smaller family dwellings to estate-sized homes to large and complex properties like sports fields, municipal lands, restaurants, public parks, and schools. Rest assured, we have the expertise and experience to handle all your irrigation system installation and maintenance needs, no matter the size of your property.

What are the irrigation system maintenance services you offer?

Our expertise covers virtually any irrigation system maintenance or repair service you may need. The moment you notice something may be wrong with your irrigation system, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We also carry out preventive maintenance services including, but not limited to, Suffolk County sprinkler winterization and backflow testing.

Do you need top-notch irrigation and lawn maintenance services? Why not get in touch with our Sprinkler company in Long Island. We have a stellar reputation for delivering the best services, and we have no doubt yours won’t be an exception. Contact us today on (631)257-3673.