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Homeowners often spend countless hours and every ounce of their creativity on their home’s appearance. Sure, the paint, furniture, and light fixtures matter, but it is easy to forget about the outside of the house. 

The front and back yards of a home provide comfort, peace, and a change of scenery from the four walls of a house, making all the more sense to put effort into it. Furthermore, you use this part of your property daily whenever you leave or enter it.

You can plant as many flowers as you want and mow the lawn frequently, but it’s of no use if your efforts disappear once the sun goes down. Hence, it makes total sense to enhance the outdoor and make it efficient with appropriate lighting. Kleen Cut Irrigation is also the premier sprinkler company you should choose for all of your irrigation needs.

Read ahead to find how outdoor lighting can truly transform your space if done correctly.

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1. Set The Mood

Setting the mood of a place, especially the outdoors, heavily relies on its lighting. While the moonlight is excellent to give a soft glow in the dark, it is always desirable to have a backup. 

Your outdoors consists of different areas that add character to your house in their way, for which they need different types of lights.

We can all agree that not all kinds of lights work everywhere, so it is essential to choose the one that works well in the area. 

Task Lighting

As the name suggests, this lighting is essential for performing various outdoor tasks, whether on the pathway or the entrance. 

You can use pathway lights or deck lights for this with specific outdoor lighting to make every area of your house efficient and doesn’t spoil your mood to do the work you want. Outdoor lighting or landscape lighting is a great way to design the lighting up and still be useful!

Ambient Outdoor Lighting

If you want an overall light in the outdoor space, the ambient one is perfect for you. This general lighting generates a warm, comfortable brightness level if you use the right kind of fixtures like wall lights or lamp posts. It brightens up your entire house without any glare that stings the eyes. 

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Accent Outdoor Lighting

Add some drama to your outdoors with the help of these visually appealing lights. Figure out how you want to use the lighting to highlight specific features like the doorway, walkway, landscaping, etc. You can also enhance the appeal of the planting areas, trees, and architectural details. 

Spotlight fixtures generally use this lighting to create a dramatic mood with incorporation in trees or tall structures.

2. Enhance Curb Appeal

Who doesn’t want a beautiful curb appeal for their home? Professionally installed outdoor lighting can brighten up your curb and make it look more aesthetic when someone walks up to your home at night time. 

If you notice other homes that stand in the dark at night, you’ll know the difference. You can barely make out any of their features or landscaping. Well-lit homes not only have a better aesthetic appeal, but they highlight a home’s landscaping and architectural elements. 

It’s a good idea to use outdoor lights to illuminate your space and use them as extended décor to give a modern or rustic look. Your options include:

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There is only one choice to make when choosing a sprinkler company and that’s Kleen Cut Irrigation. To save money today on any sprinkler installations, maintenance, and repairs give us a call today!

String Lights

String lights are low-voltage and soft accent lights that create a warm environment. Hang them in your backyard or from the gazebo or pavilion’s posts to brighten up the patio furniture. Use rechargeable and waterproof string lights, so they run long and even in the rain. 

Such an inviting outdoor area will give a more homey look to your place.

Path Lighting

Soft lights that brighten up the landscape are essential to make a long walkway to your home and the lawn next to it attractive and keep visitors off the grass. Festival decoration for Christmas or Thanksgiving will look even better with these path lights and make your outdoor lighting look inviting. It gives it that nice “home” feel.

Pier Mounts and Post Lights

These light fixtures are mounted over posts and mainly used on gates, entries, fences, etc. Since these are used in open areas, they are usually “wet-rated” to tolerate moisture and rain exposure. 

Pier mount lights look the same as post lights but are placed over walls or columns instead.

Wall Mounts 

How can you shine a light directly onto your house? Easy. Mount wall lights on its vertical surfaces to make it stand out. These are used as one of the most common outdoor lighting fixtures for decorative purposes incorporating accent or ambient lighting to glow up the house walls, patio, or porch softly.

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Recessed Lights 

If you want overhead lights that blend perfectly into the whole setting, then recessed lights can do the trick for you. These are installed right in the ceiling, so you see them shine without them being right in your face. 

Pendant Lights

Looking to jazz up the exteriors of your home? Add metallic, bold pendant lights on the entryway if you want to draw all the attention to it. However, these could go horribly wrong too and give an unpleasant appeal instead. Hence, use materials like rattan or burled wood or natural patterns to blend it with the surroundings.

Tree Pendants

Trees add great character to the outdoor area of your home. If these are dressed up with hanging lanterns in the branches, imagine the exquisite appeal of the area. 

Expect the outdoor area’s entire look to be more pleasant and inviting with a hint of style to it.

3. Secure Your Home

Outdoor lighting not just makes your house’s features more noticeable, it also makes it safer. Safety comes in two ways: to avoid accidents and to keep away burglars from breaking in.

You always need to be careful while stepping out of your home, even if there is just a single step. At night, this is even more important, and lights help. You can include ledge lights on stairs to keep them well lit and keep kids and others from falling or tripping on the edges.

Lighting also discourages animals like raccoons and possums from entering your home or its vicinity due to the dark if placed correctly. Install LED lights into ponds and swimming pools to illuminate them so you can walk around the area or swim at night safely. 

On the other hand, installing security lighting to light up large areas like the backyard and scare off burglars is always a good idea. Put them in places like the garage top or the eaves to shine light onto the fence entrance or the main walkways.

Motion-sensing floodlights placed on the exterior sidings only turn on when the built-in sensors detect motion in the vicinity. This can help fool burglars into thinking you’re on alert even when you’re sleeping or not home. 

Outdoor Lighting Tips

Spring is about to hit in most places, and this is the perfect time to utilize your beautiful outdoor space for dining alfresco or just hanging out. You don’t want the dark to stop the party, so ensure that the light is sufficient in your backyard!

Follow our tips below to incorporate them with the lighting you use in your outdoors and create the perfect ambiance.

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Gauge The Outdoors From The Inside

No matter how much thought you put into picking out the perfect lights, you have to ensure they are enough and are placed correctly. A sure-shot way to do so is to get a good look at it from inside your home as well. 

You can figure out how to place them around the yard or if the chosen light is even working correctly. In case your guests sit in your dining room with a window facing the patio, pathways, or garden, they should get a well-lit and beautiful view from there as well. 

Subtle Light To Entertain

Outdoor dinners are supposed to give a cozier and intimate look, and your guests certainly won’t enjoy with bright spotlights shining at them. It is best to stick with soft, glowing lights to create a peaceful mood. These include pendants, outdoor lanterns, etc.

It would also help to have dimmers with these fixtures to control the light according to your need. You can turn it towards the bright side during cooking or setting the table and dim it down when you sit to have food with your guests.

Consider Security

As mentioned previously, outdoor lighting not just provides aesthetic appeal but also makes the area safer. Make sure when hosting a party or dinner that you light up all entry points of your home to give more ease to your guests, so they are not concerned about tripping or falling. 

It will also help them keep an eye on their kids who like to wander off while playing and their belongings that can be misplaced.

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Outdoor lighting is an essential aspect of your home for aesthetic appeal, security purposes, and general brightness. We’re sure you put a lot of thought into your lawn’s aesthetics, but it is of no use if it all plunges into darkness once the sun sets. Hence, outdoor lighting is essential for any home, regardless of its size and location.

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