Considerations when choosing to invest in your irrigation system from the #1 Long Island sprinkler company

A home’s lawn, gardens, and greenery is often a source of pride for most homeowners.  When the landscape is well maintained with vibrant and healthy foliage, what is visible from the outside will inadvertently offer an impression of the care inside the living space.  While plant types and landscape design are key, without the property being adequately watered, it is all for nothing.  This is why choosing the right Long Island Sprinkler company is arguably at the top of the list of importance when wanting your property to look it’s best.

A competent sprinkler company will guide you in selecting the right irrigation system for your home or property.  The needs of the landscape can vary, even in an area as quaint as Long Island.  The Long Island sprinkler company that you choose should have the correct experience.  There are many people who can claim to be able to turn a sprinkler system on and off, but do they fully understand it?  Can they identify the need for sprinkler repair before a small issue becomes a major inconvenience?  Will they they take the proper steps for seasonal sprinkler maintenance?

At Kleen Cut Irrigation, we know your automated sprinkler system is a significant expense and a valuable investment. There are many sprinkler companies out there, but we are a seasoned service provider who is knowledgable in installing a wide variety of irrigation systems. Our team of professionals takes pride in the highest level of professionalism, top notch customer service, and decades of experience. We also are experts in landscape and outdoor lighting installations as well!

The expertise of the company you choose is vital.  Your sprinkler system is a major part of assuring a well maintained household. Here are some of the benefits of prioritizing your irrigation system and factors to consider when selecting a Long Island sprinkler company. Our commitment to doing the job right the first time is what sets Kleen Cut apart from the rest!

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There is only one choice to make when choosing a Long Island sprinkler company and that’s Kleen Cut Irrigation. Save money on any sprinkler installation, maintenance, or repairs by giving us a call today!

Benefits Of An Effective Sprinkler System

Installing the right sprinkler system is a decision that will impact your ability to properly maintain your property. You want your system to be effective.  Let’s face it, anyone can pick up a lawn sprinkler from a big box store, but the homeowner that invests in an automated irrigation system has taken a step beyond just spraying water on the grass and garden.

Here are some of the benefits that an automated sprinkler system can provide in your quest for a beautiful home surrounded by healthy greenery.  Whether you already have a system and are looking for the right company for sprinkler repair and maintenance or want to install an irrigation system, we believe this information will be useful.

Benefit #1 | Convenience

It can be quite a challenge to water the lawn manually on a consistent basis. You may have the best intentions, but our lives are busy!  For many, the sheer convenience of owning a sprinkler system is all the reason needed to invest in one and hiring a sprinkler company is part of that process. 

Having control over watering schedules and their frequency means that you can stop fretting over the lack of time to water your gardens and lawns. Automated irrigation systems also let you spend time away from your home without getting concerned about neglecting this important part of lawn maintenance.

Benefit #2 | Consistent Lawn Hydration

Another significant benefit of an irrigation system is its ability to provide the plants with optimal water at the right time according to their hydration requirements.  Many people believe that just watering the lawn is sufficient.  In reality, even the time of day and frequency plays an important role. 

Lack of water is an obvious issue, but did you know that you can overwater your lawn and garden?  Overwatering can actually be just as detrimental to some grasses and plants as not having enough. You need an automated solution to take care of these functions. 

It’s not enough to simply water, but consistency matters a great deal.  The right Long Island sprinkler company, like Kleen Cut Irrigation, will consider all factors to not only install the right system but make sure the settings are relevant to your landscape.

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Benefit #3|Long-Term Cost Savings

This is an often-overlooked advantage when it comes to irrigation systems.  Did you know that there is utility bill benefits with controlled water usage?  The right sprinkler system installation can lead to real long-term savings.

Properly planned automated irrigation systems maximize the water usage of each zone. An adequately timed irrigation system, coupled with automation, can be an effective way to help you reduce the overall utility and water usage costs.

When hiring a Long Island sprinkler company, make sure that they use the best quality materials. This way, your system will last a long time.  The combination of a quality system that experiences few problems over the years and the potential savings in monthly utilities is a real plus.  

Benefit #4|Improved Resale Value

The improved resale value of your property is a predominant benefit of automated sprinkler systems. You can ensure a more attractive and healthier lawn and garden, ultimately increasing the curb appeal of your real estate.  Owning a thriving, green, and healthy property certainly adds extra value to the selling price.

Aside from aesthetics, the next potential buyer will appreciate that this system has already been in place and has been well maintained.  You can boast that you have partnered with a top notch sprinkler repair and maintenance company should you choose Kleen Cut Irrigation.  

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Sprinkler Company

Sure, we are biased.  Kleen Cut Irrigation is a family owned and operated sprinkler company Long Island trusts!  We pride ourselves on offering the highest quality sprinkler repair, installation, and service.  That is why we want you to consider several factors before hiring a sprinkler company.

As we established earlier, there are several advantages when you add an irrigation system to your home. From sufficient watering, to a reducing manual labor, and being cost-effective, its easy to see that a sprinkler system installation is a worthwhile benefit.

You’ll want to hire a Long Island sprinkler company that is well versed in all facets of the job.  This includes, surveying your property to make the right recommendations, a deep knowledge of sprinkler repair and maintenance, and seasonal needs like winterization and getting your system ready for the warm months.  

Here are some of the aspects to consider before choosing a sprinkler company. 

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There is only one choice to make when choosing a Long Island sprinkler company and that’s Kleen Cut Irrigation. Save money on any sprinkler installation, maintenance, or repairs by giving us a call today!

 Consideration #1 | Economic Feasibility

Selecting a sprinkler company is a vital economic decision. Like any other system in the house, investing in proper maintenance is vital to the health of the system and long term savings.  That said, it is an investment at any level.  

Before you choose a sprinkler company, consider the maintenance costs and expected future expenses like added water usage, repairs, and other factors.  If up until this point watering efforts have been manual and inconsistent, it may be an added initial expense.  However, as expressed earlier, the right irrigation system installed and maintained by a knowledgable sprinkler repair company can yield financial benefits and peace of mind.  What is an upfront investment possesses great potential for long term gain.

 Consideration #2 | Water Utilization and Distribution

Every property is different.  From the size of the lot to varying plant life and soil, the needs of a particular home may not be the same as its next door neighbor.  Even here on Long Island, the terrain varies dependent upon which shore you reside on.  This is why the last thing you need is a “jack of all trades” planning your home’s irrigation system.

At Kleen Cut, we are a Long Island sprinkler company that has performed the installation, repair, and maintenance for nearly every situation.  Our team can look at your landscape and properly assess your needs.  This includes considering the selection of plant life, terrain, and lawn type to properly plan the zones and regulate the water flow based on the needs for that area.  Assessments like this should not be done without the right expertise and experience.  

A reliable sprinkler repair and installation company will take the time to plan, not just install.  The benefit is proper distribution of water throughout your property.  We would love to provide a detailed estimate at no obligation!

Consideration #3 | Your Time is Valuable

Manually watering your lawn, the plants in your garden, and shrubbery around your home’s exterior is time consuming.  It’s not uncommon for your lawn and garden care to be a labor of love.  We understand this. But, selecting the right sprinkler company can help you allocate time to further enhancing your landscape.  

Watering different flowers, shrubs, fruit-bearing plants, and irrigation can be a tiresome job as it requires you to keep timely checks and maintain a proper schedule.  Proper hydration is essential to healthy plants. 

An automated sprinkler system will fulfill this need and allow you to focus on the more creative side of hands on maintenance tasks necessary for a well-manicured landscape.  You’ll have more time to prune and plan.  

At Kleen Cut Irrigation, our goal is to save you time and give you the peace of mind that the irrigation of your lawn is taken care of properly without a ton of manual effort.  It’s part of what makes us the sprinkler company Long Island looks to for quality repair, installation, and service!

We only use the highest of quality materials from America’s Best Companies.


Consideration #4 | The Needs of Your Soil

Every property is different.  Another significant consideration before choosing a sprinkler company is to gauge the needs of your soil and landscape.  There are too many factors to list here, but that is why a company like Kleen Cut Irrigation would be a great consideration.  From the sandy south shore of Babylon and Islip to Commack and residences further north, we are the Long Island sprinkler company that has experienced all facets of our beautiful area.    

We will take the time to consider your yard and plan accordingly.  

Consideration #5 | Seasonal Maintenance

System needs change throughout the year.  You need a sprinkler maintenance company that is going to prepare your irrigation system for the different seasons.  In winter, there is an increased risk of conditions that can create mechanical failure. At Kleen Cut, we offer our annual winterization service. Proper seasonal maintenance can avoid cracks and leaks from developing due to harsh weather conditions.  Water freezing in a pipe can be the start of costly sprinkler repair services.  We want you to avoid unnecessary costs. 

It’s not possible to prevent every instance, but proper seasonal maintenance goes a long way.  To make sure that your lawn watering mechanism functions efficiently, it is imperative for you to partner with a competent sprinkler company that offers you the necessary prevention during extreme weather months. If you want more information about our winterization services, give us a call! We proudly service the entire Long Island area. 

Final thoughts when choosing your Long Island Sprinkler Company

Installing the irrigation system for your lawn and garden is an important part of your home maintenance plan.  The benefits range from convenience to cost savings.  Like anything, choosing the right sprinkler company will make all the difference.

Kleen Cut Irrigation, is the installation, maintenance, and sprinkler repair company Long Island trusts! The service providers at Kleen Cut Irrigation carefully evaluate your needs and help you install and maintain a system that is going to keep your property lush and alive! 

Furthermore, professionalism and responsive service is at the forefront of what we do. Our crew members are experienced and among the finest in the industry.  While these are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a sprinkler company, we are proud to make every effort to meet whatever need you may have in caring for your lawn and landscape.  Get in touch today to learn more.

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