Kleen Cut Irrigation, voted Long Island’s #1 Sprinkler company, sits down and answers somepopular questions.

Selecting an irrigation system or method could be challenging. You need to consider several factors before choosing the right approach and suitable vendors to ensure the success of choosing your Long Island Sprinkler company. 

An automated irrigation system is a significant expense and a valuable investment. To choose amongst the various sprinkler companies out there, it is imperative to work with a seasoned service provider and install different irrigation systems. We at Kleen Cut Irrigation pride ourselves on our professionalism and our top notch customer service. We also are experts in landscape and outdoor lighting installations as well!

The expertise of the company you choose should be in accordance with your specific requirements. Here are some of the benefits of having an effective irrigation system and factors to consider when selecting a sprinkler company. This is also what sets Kleen Cut a part from the rest!

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There is only one choice to make when choosing a sprinkler company and that’s Kleen Cut Irrigation. To save money today on any sprinkler installations, maintenance, and repairs give us a call today!

Benefits Of An Effective Irrigation System

Installing a powerful sprinkler system is a worthwhile decision that helps you properly maintain your gardens. Here are some of the benefits that an automated sprinkler system can provide you with.


For many, the sheer convenience of the sprinkler system is all the reason the need to implement one and make that call to hire a sprinkler company. After all, it can be quite a challenge to water the lawn manually on a consistent basis. 

Having control over watering schedules and their frequency means that you can stop fretting over the lack of time to water your gardens and lawns. Automated irrigation systems also let you spend time away from your home without getting concerned about watering their lawns at proper timings.

Consistent Lawn Hydration

Another significant benefit of an irrigation system is its ability to provide the plants with optimum water at the right time according to their irrigational requirements. 

For instance, watering after sunset initiates the possibility for fungus and diseases to develop as the yard stays humid overnight. With moisture and rain sensors, a sprinkler system can also provide sufficient water for each garden zone and help you remove speculation from the equation. 

Since overwatering can be just as detrimental to some grasses and plants as the lack of water, you need an automated solution to take care of these functions.

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Long-Term Cost Savings

This is an often-overlooked advantage when it comes to irrigation systems: the utility savings with controlled water usage, leading to long-term savings.

Automated irrigation systems allow for several sprinkler hoses and heads to be used within each zone, making it much easier for you to save on recurring costs. It also makes and sprinkler repairs much easier. 

An adequately timed irrigation system, coupled with automation, can be an effective way to help you reduce the overall utility and water usage costs. When hiring a sprinkler company, make sure they use the best quality materials. This way your sprinkler will last a long time.

Improved Resale Value

The improved resale value of your property is a predominant benefit of automated irrigation systems. You can ensure a more attractive and healthier garden, ultimately increasing the curb appeal of your real estate.

Owning a thriving, green, and healthy garden certainly adds extra value to the property. However, to maintain its curb appeal and keep its landscape exquisite to captivate the guest’s attention, you need to consider dependable sprinkler repair companies. 

By installing a well-designed and efficient irrigation system, you can manage and control the adequate water requirements and allow the plants to bloom and flourish in full glory.

Things To Consider Before Choosing A Sprinkler Company

There are several advantages when you add an irrigation system to your garden. It makes sure sufficient watering while not requiring manual labor and being cost-effective. However, when you are considering to hire a sprinkler company, it is imperative to take all the crucial factors into account. You have to not only think about the maintenance that might be needed but all of the repairs as well.

Here are some of the aspects to consider before choosing a sprinkler company. 

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There is only one choice to make when choosing a sprinkler company and that’s Kleen Cut Irrigation. To save money today on any sprinkler installations, maintenance, and repairs give us a call today!

Economic Feasibility

Selecting a sprinkler company is a vital economic decision. Some pressurized systems have high operating and capital costs, but they may require to conserve water and minimal labor. Other methods are comparatively less expensive to run but have high labor requirements. 

Some are confined by the soil type or the field topography. Before you choose a sprinkler company, consider the maintenance costs and expected rehabilitation life. Also, consider the expenses such as water, energy, depreciation, maintenance, land preparation, taxes, and labor.

Topographical And Crop Characteristics

Now this paragraph is for my Long Island friends that have farmland. You need a sprinkler company that is experienced with this type of property and Kleen Cut works with all types of properties. One of the significant factors that affect irrigation is topography, especially surface irrigation. 

Surface irrigation systems demand a uniform terrain. The water supply’s elevation and location are comparative to the boundaries of the field, the configuration and area of the fields, and access by utility lines (gas, electricity, water, etc.), roads, and to migrate herbs, whether domestic or wild.

An irrigation system creates different environment-related conditions such as temperature, humidity, soil aeration, etc. The crop yields can be affected by the water application and its quantity. 

For example, some crops have high economic worth that requires a stable and consistent supply of water, such as maize, sorghum, or sugar-cane. 

In these cases, a sprinkler company can offer cost-effective methods that help reduce costs compared to other capital-intensive irrigation systems and practices. 

On the contrary, large sprinklers are not recommended for light or delicate crops such as lettuce. So if you are growing lettuce, asparagus, and other light green vegetables in your garden, using a sprinkler might not be a suitable choice. 

Water Utilization

It is vital to give immense care to grow your garden greens, ensuring that they are adequately nourished so that they thrive effectively. Depending on your garden’s size, you may consider hiring a suitable sprinkler company. 

If you have a small or medium-sized garden with a few plants, then ideally, it is good to water your plants manually. However, you need to take care of it and not use excess water.

It can be a hassle to water the plants manually, especially if you have a busy schedule. And Irregular irrigation can adversely affect the plants. 

So, to prevent your garden greens from getting affected because of irregular watering, you need to consider contracting with a reliable sprinkler company that is a proficient provider. 

Automated sprinklers let you utilize the optimal amount of water, deliver the necessary nutrients and benefit all the plants in your lawn.


It’s good to manually water the plants in your garden if it’s just a tiny little nook in the front yard. 

However, taking care of a garden with different flowers, shrubs, fruit-bearing plants, and irrigation becomes a tiresome job as it requires you to keep timely checks and maintain a proper schedule.

The sheer volume of work can only be handled with an efficiently designed sprinkler system that potently waters your plants on schedule, even when you aren’t present. You also want to make sure your sprinklers are running well and we can make sure any repairs needed are done properly.

This helps you save valuable time and keep your plants healthy. This is a shameless plug but we can really help. Make the call to Long Island’s #1 sprinkler company, Kleen Cut Irrigation.

We only use the highest of quality materials from America’s Best Companies.


Soil Moisture Retention 

Another significant consideration before choosing a sprinkler company is to gauge your garden’s soil moisture retention capacity. 

If it’s a simple garden space with many plants, ensure enough soil moisture to help the plant life make its own food. 

This can be achieved with a contemporary designed and automated sprinkler irrigation system that efficiently detects soil moisture. It then automatically allows an irrigation system to water the plants when moisture falls near to danger levels. 

When you effectively manage soil moisture level, it’ll prevent uncontrollable weed growth and facilitates plants to flourish and thrive in the garden.


Installation of an efficiently designed sprinkler irrigation system in your garden lawn makes it more than ever easier to irrigate the plants at appropriate timings frequently, even without your presence. 

A new sprinkler enables a user to access and manage the irrigation system using an automated mechanism, ensuring that your fields and gardens get appropriately irrigated. 

Additionally, modern irrigation systems can easily detect weathers that properly facilitate users and understand the favorable weather conditions. That way, it also enables them to control and manage the plants’ irrigation from a distant place accordingly.


When you have to look after the garden greens during the winter season, it is crucial not to care for the plants too adversely. 

Apart from this, there is an increased risk of breaking down irrigation systems during the cold season which is why we offer our winterization service. It develops cracks and leaks due to harsh weather conditions that freeze the water in the pipe sometimes. 

To prevent such instances and make sure that your lawn watering mechanism functions efficiently, it is imperative for you to partner with a competent sprinkler company contractor. They provide irrigation system solutions that help you with essential tips to maintain your garden effectively. They offer you the necessary services during extreme weather conditions. if you want more information about our winterization services, give us a call! We are located in Commack, NY but we service the entire Long Island area. 

Final thoughts when choosing your Long Island Sprinkler Company

While irrigation systems considerable periodic maintenance and upfront costs and routine, most like the convenience sprinkler systems offer their gardens and lawns and irrigate them optimally. A right and competent sprinkler company can help you mitigate the concerns related to the irrigation systems.

Kleen Cut Irrigation, a sprinkler installation, and repair company, takes care of all your needs and requirements. The service providers at Kleen Cut Irrigation carefully evaluate your needs and helps you complete the project in a timely manner.  

Furthermore, we provide professional supervision and responsive service. While these are just some of the factors to consider when choosing a sprinkler company, these aspects can help you make an informed and calculative decision.

Kleen Cut Irrigation offers comprehensive irrigation system services, as they can design, plan and install an optimal system to meet your irrigational requirements. Get in touch today to learn more.

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