Long Island Landscape Lighting

Long Island Landscape Lighting



A Kleen Cut Irrigation lighting expert will meet with you at your home and discuss the many options for an LED Landscape Lighting System. We will assess your wishes about your favorite areas of the yard or landscape. We will put emphasis on any particular areas you wish to accent or maybe the main outdoor entertainment area. Large trees and unusual features are great areas to illuminate as well.


With Kleen Cut you can create the curb appeal that was always missing after sunset with specific landscape lighting. Furthermore when designing a truly unique lighting experience your designer may recommend creating customized lighting or dimmable zones. These let you turn on or off certain areas of your yard depending upon your use. If you are not entertaining or utilizing the rear yard you may only want the front entrance to be illuminated on certain nights. Kleen Cut will work with you to strategically place specific low voltage outdoor fixtures in your lawn, flower beds, trees, ponds or waterfalls to accent the beauty of your landscape. Walkways, pathways and driveways will be illuminated for both aesthetics and safety.  With proper placement your home will make a statement every night! A truly unique lightning experience starts with your designer recommending customized lightning areas and dimming zones to further enhance your property.


To significantly reduce the chance of crime installing landscape lighting or outdoor LED lighting helps significantly. Kleen Cut will work with you to create the ideal lighting solution to fit your safety needs. By using specific fixtures and lighting shrubs, Kleen Cut will help to eliminate those dark areas that can easily become hiding a place.

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