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Winterize Sprinkler System On Long Island

Long Island, New York is known for many amazing features that draw lots of people to our area that increases our local revenue. Kleen Cut Irrigation has worked, as a family owned business, with the community since 1980, striving to create long-term relationships with customers. Before the start of winter, Kleen Cut Irrigation works extra hard to winterize the in ground sprinkler systems of their new and existing customers. 


The winterization of a sprinkler irrigation system is the process of using a compressor to blow the water out of the system, to prevent the pipes from freezing. Kleen Cut Irrigation uses a compressor, designed specifically for this task. This ensures that the job is done quickly and efficiently.

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There is only one choice to make when choosing a sprinkler company and that’s Kleen Cut Irrigation. To save money today on any sprinkler installations, maintenance, and repairs give us a call today!

Do you really need to winterize a sprinkler system on Long Island?


Kleen Cut begins to take calls for the winterization process in mid September for early appointments. It is best to call around mid October to make sure you’re on the list for the season. New customers are welcomed to call at this time, and not only have an underground irrigation system installed, but also winterized at the time of installation. No one has to wait for the spring or summer to get an irrigation system, we can do it any time!

The winterization of your sprinkler system on Long Island seems daunting and intimidating. At Kleen Cut, we have been winterizing systems for over 40 years. Our passion is to our customers. Join our family today for all your irrigation needs.

How Do You Winterize My Sprinkler System?

A compressor is a large and dangerous machine, that is why we are proud and motivated to  educate our entire staff. The company is also licensed and insured, to protect us and our customers. Having a “jack of all trades” who may not have the know how to use a larger compressor could result in a dangerous circumstance. Not only would those around be at risk, but the irrigation system could be left with water in the pipes, damage the irrigation system, or the water could be redirected into the home and cause flooding. 


Kleen Cut Irrigation can complete a winterization service in around half an hour, depending the amount of zones in the system. A clear indication of an ameatur would be the time, as someone using a system not designed for irrigation systems would take upwards of three hours to complete the service. Working one zone at a time, we use the compressor to blow the water out, until air is the only thing coming out of the sprinkler heads. 


Should you hire professional winterizing services?

Winterizing your sprinkler system on Long Island is important in the maintenance of your irrigation system. Improper winterization can result in cracking or bursting of the pipes. The professionals at Kleen Cut Irrigation will winterize your sprinkler system on Long Island. With over 40 years experience, our staff has the tools and training to execute the job quickly and efficiently for your convenience. A good maintenance plan involves hiring a  professional contractor. Contact Kleen Cut Irrigation to winterize your system today.

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There is only one choice to make when choosing a sprinkler company and that’s Kleen Cut Irrigation. To save money today on any sprinkler installations, maintenance, and repairs give us a call today!

What to expect from our winterization process

Manual draining

One obvious way of ridding the system of water is by draining the water. A manual valve disposes of the water by setting up intentional low points in the system. This case requires the manual opening of each valve so that the difference in pressure causes a drop in the water’s pressure and allows flowage.

Winterization requires you to locate all valves of the systems at every low point when using a manual sprinkler system. The technician will turn each zone of the sprinkler for several minutes to release residual pressure. They will then leave the drains open until the system switches back on during the spring season.

Automatic draining

This draining mechanism opens once the pressure drops. Turning off the water at the valve winterizes the backflow preventer and runs each zone of the system. Our winterization staff will run each region for several minutes to expend pressure from the lines and allow drainage of the system.

Some technicians recommend a manual winterization system because the automatic one will have stuck valves when they do not have enough chances to open on a regular. Other systems require the combination of both systems with the directives of the winterization professional, to winterize the sprinkler system in Long Island.

Blow out method

The professional should be extremely careful while blowing out the system with pressurized air. It is essential to use the right values and stop the process at the right time to avoid damage to realize the best sprinkler system winterization pros.

Talk to us to learn how we will winterize the sprinkler system in Suffolk County Long Island for the best results, according to the timing of the winterization process and the compatibility of your piping system.

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