Have you ever passed by a landscape so lush you couldn’t help but pause to admire it? What you see is the result of fastidious maintenance, and we can bet a top-notch leading lawn maintenance and irrigation company is behind the job. If you’re in Long Island and you want a lawn that’ll command a second look, do not hesitate to get in touch with the experts at Kleen Cut Irrigation. Our sprinkler company in Long Island boasts a team of lawn maintenance experts that can deliver your dream landscape.

What are the services you offer at Kleen Cut Irrigation?

Irrigation system installation and maintenance

Having a working system is germane to preserving the health of the plants on your lawn. Our company specializes in installing automated Long Island lawn sprinklers that will help you achieve this goal. Our irrigation services cover system installation down to sprinkler repair and everything in between. It doesn’t matter if it’s private or public property; you can always trust us to deliver an excellent job.

Water filter installation

You probably are familiar with the numerous health risks of drinking contaminated water or using it for other household purposes. And while the municipality strives to provide clean water for everyone, there is only so much they can do. Our company can give you and your family better tasting and safer water through our water filter installation services.

Landscape lighting

Do you wish to give your landscape a unique post-sunset curb appeal? Then you should patronize our landscape lighting services. Our experts can meet you at your house to discuss the different options and help you make an informed decision. We can help you accent specific areas such as the pool, lawn, or outdoor entertainment area depending on your preferences. We also help clients with the ideal lighting solutions that will satisfy their safety needs.

Backflow testing

If you’re having trouble with your irrigation or plumbing system, our in-house experts can help you figure out a solution through our backflow testing services. Backflow testing involves verifying that your plumbing system is not being infiltrated by dirty water. The test ascertains that all the pipes in the home retain their standard pressure and water flow is unidirectional.

Sprinkler system winterization

Our Long Island sprinkler winterization services involve servicing your irrigation system and bracing it for the harsh winter weather. If you winterize early enough, your system will not need potentially costly repairs when the spring comes. Lawn sprinkler winterization requires a great deal of expertise. If not carried out carefully, you could be exposing your system to more damage.  

Spring turn on

Our expert technicians will carefully inspect each zone of your irrigation system to ensure everything is in order. We can also help with sprinkler blow out or replacement of damaged heads when necessary.

Do you need top-notch irrigation and lawn maintenance services? Why not get in touch with our Sprinkler company in Long Island. We have a stellar reputation for delivering the best services, and we have no doubt yours won’t be an exception. Contact us today on (631)257-3673.